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API changes

Table of contents

For the latest detailed documentation use docs/html/index.html inside your foo_spider_monkey_panel installation (e.g. foobar2000/user-components/foo_spider_monkey_panel/docs).


  • API marked with [Experimental] is subject to change and might not be stable or fully functional.
  • API marked with [Deprecated] will be removed in future versions and thus should not be used.



  • Reverted changes in window.NotifyOthers() behaviour. Now it’s executed synchronously as before.



  • Added a boolean IsInternal field to action argument (that is passed to on_drag_* callbacks). This field holds true if the drag-n-drop session was started by fb.DoDragDrop() inside the same panel.
  • Added an ability to generate main menu items dynamically and handle it via the following API:
    • fb.RegisterMainMenuCommand(id, name, description): registers a main menu item that will be displayed under main menu>File>Spider Monkey Panel>Script commands>{Current panel name}>{name}.
    • fb.UnregisterMainMenuCommand(id, name): unregisters the item from fb.RegisterMainMenuCommand(). Execution of registered command will trigger the new on_main_menu_dynamic(id) callback.

    Note: SMP uses a combination of panel name and command id to identify and bind the command. Hence all the corresponding binds will fail if the id or the panel name is changed. This also means that collision WILL occur if there are two panels with the same name.

  • Expanded playlist undo API: Undo/Redo menu items only apply to active playlist, the following methods are introduced to rectify that:
    • plman.Undo(playlistIndex).
    • plman.Redo(playlistIndex).
    • plman.IsUndoAvailable(playlistIndex).
    • plman.IsRedoAvailable(playlistIndex).


  • fb.DoDragDrop() is now executed asynchronously. Which means that it might exit before on_drag_drop callback is triggered when dropping data on the same panel as the one that had a call to fb.DoDragDrop().
  • [Rollbacked in v1.6.1] window.NotifyOthers() is now executed asynchronously, hence the data passed via info argument must NOT be used or modified in the source panel after invoking this method.
  • on_main_menu() callback is marked as [Deprecated]. Use dynamically generated main menu items and corresponding on_main_menu_dynamic() callback instead.



  • Added plman.GetPlaylistLockName(playlist_index) method. Returns the name of the lock. It can be used to check whether the lock is owned by foo_spider_monkey_panel and thus can be modified with plman.SetPlaylistLockedActions().



  • Added plman.GetPlaylistLockedActions(playlist_index) method. Returns an array of strings, which represent actions that can’t be performed on the specidified playlist.
    These actions may be one or multiple of the following: AddItems, RemoveItems, ReorderItems, ReplaceItems, RenamePlaylist, RemovePlaylist, ExecuteDefaultAction.
  • Added plman.SetPlaylistLockedActions(playlist_index, locked_actions) method. Sets actions that can’t be performed on the specified playlist.
    Accepts an array of strings that may contain the same items as actions described above for plman.GetPlaylistLockedActions().
  • Added utils.GetPackageInfo(package_id) method. Returns null, if the package is not found, or, if found, an object of the following format:
      Version, // Package version
      Directories: {
          Root, // Root directory of the package
          Script, // Directory inside package folder that contains assets
          Assets, // Directory inside package folder that contains 
          Storage // Persistent and unique directory inside foobar2000 profile folder that can be used to store runtime data (e.g. cache)
  • Added fb.Restart() method. Restarts the player.


  • Added an optional use_exact argument to GdiGraphics.CalcTextWidth() (false by default). If set to true will use a more accurate width calculation algorithm in certain cases. See (#140) for more info on these cases.
  • utils.GetPackagePath() is marked as [Deprecated]. Use utils.GetPackageInfo() instead.
  • plman.IsPlaylistLocked() is marked as [Deprecated]. Use plman.GetPlaylistLockedActions() instead.



  • [BREAKING] Changed casing of window.JsMemoryStats fields for consistency with the rest of API:
    • memory_usage to MemoryUsage.
    • total_memory_usage to TotalMemoryUsage.
    • total_memory_limit to TotalMemoryLimit.



  • Added iterator protocol support to FbMetadbHandleList: see for more info.
  • Added iterator protocol support to enumerable ActiveXObject objects.
  • Added type argument to FbUiSelectionHolder.SetSelection(). Where type can be one of the following values:
    • 0: undefined (no item), default value.
    • 1: active_playlist_selection.
    • 2: caller_active_playlist.
    • 3: playlist_manager.
    • 4: now_playing.
    • 5: keyboard_shortcut_list.
    • 6: media_library_viewer.
  • Added fb.Version property: returns foobar2000 version as a string, e.g. 1.4.1.
  • Added utils.DetectCharset(path) method. Does the same thing as utils.FileTest(path, 'chardet').
  • Added utils.EditTextFile(path) method. It uses the same editor as the one that is set for editing scripts in window.ShowConfigureV2().
  • Added utils.FileExists(path) method. Does the same thing as utils.FileTest(path, 'e').
  • Added utils.GetFileSize(path) method. Does the same thing as utils.FileTest(path, 's').
  • Added utils.GetPackagePath(package_id) method. Package id can be retrieved from window.ScriptInfo (only if the panel actually uses script package).
  • Added utils.IsDirectory(path) method. Does the same thing as utils.FileTest(path, 'd').
  • Added utils.IsFile(path) method.
  • Added utils.SplitFilePath(path) method. Does the same thing as utils.FileTest(path, 'split').
  • Added window.DefineScript(script_name, { author: author_name, version: version_string, features: {drag_n_drop: boolean, grab_focus: boolean} }) method.
    • grab_focus has the same behaviour as the checkbox in the old window.Configure() dialog, i.e. if true, grabs user input when mouse is over the panel. true by default.
  • Added window.EditScript() method. Uses editor that is set in window.ShowConfigureV2(). By default works the same as the old window.Configure() dialog.
  • Added window.ShowConfigureV2() method. This dialog contains only various panel settings. Script editing is now invoked via Edit buttons or window.EditScript().
  • Added window.JsMemoryStats property.
    • memory_usage: same values as window.PanelMemoryUsage.
    • total_memory_usage: same values as window.TotalMemoryUsage.
    • total_memory_limit: same values as window.MemoryLimit.
  • Added window.ScriptInfo property. Contains all the info about the script that was either set up with window.DefineScript() or was defined in script package.


  • utils.FileTest() is marked as [Deprecated]. Use new corresponding methods instead.
  • window.ID is now optional and unused in all methods that required it.
  • window.DefinePanel() is marked as [Deprecated]. Use window.DefineScript() instead. Note: to retain backward compatibility this method sets both script name and panel name.
  • window.MemoryLimit, window.PanelMemoryUsage and window.TotalMemoryUsage are marked as [Deprecated]. Use window.JsMemoryStats instead.
  • window.Name now returns panel name instead of script name. Use window.ScriptInfo.Name to retrieve script name.
  • window.ShowConfigure() is marked as [Deprecated]. Use window.ShowConfigureV2() to configure panel and window.EditScript to edit script.



  • Added GdiBitmap.InvertColours() method: returns a GdiBitmap with inverted colours.
  • Added window.Tooltip property: returns a FbTooltip object associated with the current panel.
  • Added FbTooltip.SetFont(font_name, font_size_px, font_style) method: changes tooltip font.
  • Added ActiveXObject.ActiveX_CreateArray(arr, element_variant_type) method: converts a JavaScript array to ActiveXObject that contains an object of type VT_ARRAY|element_variant_type. Arguments:
    • arr: a JS array that consists of elements of primitive type.
    • element_variant_type a numerial value of variant type (e.g. 0x11 for VT_UI1).


  • Updated SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine to 68.8.0 ESR:
  • [Deprecated] window.CreateTooltip(): use window.Tooltip and FbTooltip.SetFont() instead.



  • Added global constructor for GdiFont: same arguments as gdi.Font().
  • Added support for passing arguments to the callback in setInterval and setTimeout (see JavaScript docs for usage example).



  • Changed include behaviour:
    • path argument now supports relative paths.
    • Has include guards - script won’t be evaluated a second time if it was evaluated before in the same panel.
    • Has script caching - script file will be read only once from filesystem (even if it is included from different panels).
  • Added optional options argument to include, which might contain the following modifiers:
    • always_evaluate (default false): If true, evaluates the script even if it was included before.



  • Added optional options argument to fb.DoDragDrop, which might contain the following modifiers:
    • show_text (default true): if true, will add track count text
    • use_album_art (default true): if true, will use album art of the focused item from dragged tracks (if available)
    • use_theming (default true): if true, will use Windows drag window style. Album art and custom image are resized to fit when Windows style is active.
    • custom_image (default undefined): custom dragging image. Will be also displayed if use_album_art is true, but there is no album art available.



  • Added clearInterval(), clearTimeout(), setInterval(), setTimeout() methods to global namespace.
    They work the same as corresponding window.ClearInterval(), window.ClearTimeout(), window.SetInterval(), window.SetTimeout() methods.
  • Added gdi.LoadImageSyncV2() method.
    Works the same as gdi.LoadImageSync, but returns a Promise object instead of calling on_load_image_done().
  • Added utils.GetAlbumArtAsyncV2() method.
    Works the same as gdi.GetAlbumArtAsync(), but returns a Promise object instead of calling on_get_album_art_done().
  • Added arguments to FbProfiler.Print(): additional message and an option to disable component info.
  • Added global constructors for the following objects:
    • FbMetadbHandleList: from another FbMetadbHandleList, from an array of FbMetadbHandle, from a single FbMetadbHandle and a default constructor.
    • GdiBitmap: from another GdiBitmap.
    • FbProfiler: accepts the same arguments as fb.CreateProfiler().
    • FbTitleFormat: accepts the same arguments as fb.TitleFormat().


  • fb.DoDragDrop() now requires an additional window.ID argument.
  • New Text property in action argument of on_drag_* callbacks: setting this property will change the drop text on drag window.
  • [Deprecated]fb.CreateHandleList(): use FbMetadbHandleList constructor instead.



  • Added window properties for memory tracking:
    • window.MemoryLimit: maximum allowed memory usage for the component. If the total memory usage exceeds this value, all panels will fail with OOM error.
    • window.PanelMemoryUsage: memory usage of the current panel.
    • window.TotalMemoryUsage: total memory usage of all panels.



  • Added FbMetadbHandleList.RemoveAttachImages method.


  • Rewrote plman.PlaylistRecyclerManager, since it was broken:
    • Replaced Name property with GetName() method.
    • Replaced Content property with GetContent() method.
    • Renamed to plman.PlaylistRecycler.



  • Reimplemented utils.ShowHtmlDialog():
    • No longer considered [Experimental] and is safe to use.
    • Does not return a value anymore.
    • Utilizes the latest non-Edge IE that you have on your system.
    • More options: width, height, x, y, center, context_menu, resizable, selection, scroll.



  • [Experimental] Added utils.ShowHtmlDialog() method.
    This method allows the creation of modal HTML windows rendered by IE8 engine.
    utils.ShowHtmlDialog(window_id, code_or_file, { width: window_w, height: window_h, data: callback_data }).
    • code_or_file: either html code or path to html file (must be set with file:// prefix).
    • data: will be saved in window.external.dialogArguments object and can be accessed from JavaScript executed inside HTML window.
    • Method returns value set to window.returnValue from HTML code.


  • Removed utils.CreateHtmlWindow() method, since it was totally broken.


Note: despite changing scripting engine to SpiderMonkey, the file-system and web access is still provided via ActiveX objects.


  • JavaScript is now conformant to ES2018 standard and has quite a few new features:
  • All methods that returned VBArray before return a proper JS array now.
  • FbMetadbHandleList items now can be accessed with [ ] operator.
  • Added global include('path/to/script.js') method.
    This method is like eval(ReadFile('path/to/script.js')), but provides better error reporting and might have more features in the future (like script caching or include guards).
  • Added window.DefinePanel() method.
    A replacement for the old ==PREPROCESSOR== header.
    window.DefinePanel(panel_name, { author: author_name, version: version_string, features: {drag_n_drop: boolean} } ).
    • The second argument and all of it’s properties are optional.
    • drag_n_drop is false by default.
  • [BROKEN, DON’T USE] Added utils.CreateHtmlWindow() method.

Breaking changes

Change Reason Workaround
Dropped support for Windows XP/Vista (Windows 7 is the minimum requirement) SpiderMonkey engine and CUI SDK require Windows 7 or higher Use foo_jscript_panel or upgrade your OS
All methods and properties are case-sensitive Required by ECMAScript standard Fix the wrong casing :)
Removed Dispose() Not needed anymore: JS GC destroys all objects by itself when corresponding reference count is zero Remove those methods and assign null or undefined to variables if needed
Removed toArray() Not needed anymore: all corresponding methods return a proper JS array now Remove those methods
Removed FbMetadbHandleList.Item() Not needed anymore: FbMetadbHandleList has proper array accessors now Replace .Item(i) with [i]
Changed utils.Version return type: returns string instead of number Component uses semantic versioning, which requires string representation Remove all version checks - the versioning is different from JSP anyway
New limitations imposed on on_notify_data callback regarding data argument(see docs) Limitations are brought by the JS engine Don’t modify data and make a deep clone when storing it
Removed old ==PREPROCESSOR== panel header support Old header could only be used in the main configure panel and was not a proper JS method Replace with the following:
window.DefinePanel('Panel Name', { author: 'Author', version: 'Version', features: {drag_n_drop: true|false}} );
Most methods have much stricter error checks Before, methods could fail silently without doing anything, which made diagnosing errors unnecessary hard Fix incorrect calls and arguments

Copyright © 2018-2021 Yuri Shutenko.
Distributed by an MIT license.