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Building component

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Building foo_spider_monkey_panel.dll

  1. Download this repository.
  2. Change current directory to foo_spider_monkey_panel/scripts.
  3. Prepare submodules:
    • If you want to use pre-built SpiderMonkey, execute py this script will download and initialize all submodules and will also apply compatibility patches.
    • Otherwise, you can build and use your own Mozilla SpiderMonkey engine binaries (ESR68):
      1. Build SpiderMonkey.
      2. Put SpiderMonkey engine binaries and headers in foo_spider_monkey_panel/mozjs folder using the following pattern:

        Configuration = Release or Debug
        mozjs / %Configuration% / bin / *.dll | *.pdb
        mozjs / %Configuration% / lib / *.lib
        mozjs / %Configuration% / include / *.h</blockquote>

      3. Execute py --skip_mozjs.
  4. Main solution can be found at foo_spider_monkey_panel/workspaces/foo_spider_monkey_panel.sln.
  5. Output artifacts will be placed in foo_spider_monkey_panel/_result/%Configuration%/bin/.

Creating .fb2k-component package

  1. Change current directory to foo_spider_monkey_panel/scripts.
  2. Execute py this script will pack all the required files to _result/%Configuration%/foo_spider_monkey_panel.fb2k-component.
    • py --debug will create the package from debug binaries.

Table of contents

Copyright © 2018-2021 Yuri Shutenko.
Distributed by an MIT license.