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  • Windows 7 or later.
  • Internet Explorer 9 or later.
  • foobar2000 v1.3.17 or later.
  • Desire to improve your fb2k looks!


  • Preparation:
    1. Download the latest theme release.
    2. Unzip archive to a temporary folder (e.g. unzipped_theme_folder).
    3. Download and install all the required components (instructions on how to install a component).
    4. (Optional) Download and install all the optional components.
    5. Install additional fonts:
      They can be either installed from the included unzipped_theme_folder/fonts directory or downloaded directly from their homepages:
  • Installation:
    1. Launch foobar2000.
    2. Choose Column UI interface.
    3. Add Spider Monkey Panel panel.
    4. Right-click on panel > Configure Panel > Script source > Package > Package Manager
    5. Drag-n-drop all *.zip files from unzipped_theme_folder/packages to the Package Manager dialog.
    6. Exit the dialog.
    7. Display > Columns UI > Main:
      • Miscelanous > Untick 'Show toolbars'.
      • FCL importing exporting > Import... > choose unzipped_theme_folder/layout/theme.fcl.
    8. Click OK =)
    9. (Optional) Right-click on top of the window (the dark grey part). Frame-style > No border.

Required components

These components can’t be removed without breaking the theme in some way.

Optional components

Features described above will be unavailable and disabled if these components are not installed, but the theme will still work fine without them.

Copyright © 2021-2022 Yuri Shutenko.
Distributed by an MIT license.