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How to actually play music from Spotify?

Pass the music URL to foobar2000 via main menu File>Add location... (CTRL+U by default).
URL can be accessed from any track/album/playlist in Spotify by clicking on ...>Copy Song Link/Copy Album Link/Copy Playlist Link.

Why does it fail with Unable to open item for playback (Object not found) when I pass album or playlist via URI?

A foobar2000 limitation: it’s not possible (or rather REALLY hard) to use an arbitrary string to load multiple tracks.
It works for the track, because, well, it’s a single track =)

Why I can’t play and/or see some tracks?

Spotify interface limitation: podcasts and radios are not supported.

Why I can’t control playback from Spotify website?

Why I can’t set foobar2000 as output device from Spotify website?

Spotify interface limitation: these features are part of the Spotify Connect interface, which is not publicly accessible.

Why two separate authentications are required?

The component uses two separate interfaces for Spotify integration:

  • LibSpotify for music playback.
  • WebAPI for everything else.

Each one uses a separate authentication scheme.

Copyright © 2020 Yuri Shutenko.
Distributed by an MIT license.