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Playback stats

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This is a topic for intermediate/advanced users with a good understanding of how Spider Monkey Panel works with relation to handles and handle lists. The code snippets assume you’re familiar with callbacks and how to implement your own buttons, menus, etc. For casual users, there are 2 complete scripts that make use of this database without requiring any script knowledge. See Track Rating and Loved Tracks Manager samples.


SMP contains an alternative way to store your playback statistics. The main difference from foo_playcount is that these can be set and modified directly.

Note: playback stats are bound to $lower(%artist% - %title%) query value.

There are 5 fields available that could be used in foobar2000 queries (e.g. title formatting):


The corresponding JavaScript methods are:

let handle = fb.GetFocusItem();
handle.SetPlayCount(12); // Must be a whole number, use 0 to clear.
handle.SetLoved(1); // Must be a whole number, use 0 to clear.
handle.SetFirstPlayed("2018-01-12 00:00:00"); // String, use "" to clear.
handle.SetLastPlayed("2018-01-12 00:00:00"); // String, use "" to clear.
handle.SetRating(5); // Must be a whole number, use 0 to clear. Max value can be 10, 20, 100 etc...
handle.ClearStats() // Should be obvious what this does =)

SetFirstPlayed() and SetLastPlayed() can recieve an arbitrary string as an argument, but it’s advised to use the same format as in example above, since it matches the format that foobar2000 uses, which will allow for them to be used in time based queries.

After updating value(s) for a handle, RefreshStats() must be used so that the foobar2000 core and all other components are made aware of the changes:

let handle = fb.GetFocusItem();

When dealing with any kind of bulk operation (i.e. updating many handles at once), it’s advived to use the handle list alternative of RefreshStats() for performance reasons:

let items = plman.GetPlaylistItems(plman.ActivePlaylist);
for (let i = 0; i < items.Count; i++) {

RefreshStats() triggers the on_metadb_changed() callback within all Spider Monkey Panel instances and also on_playback_edited() if the playing item was updated.


All data is stored inside index-data\E58A4298-065E-469B-B5D6-199106E283DD which will be inside your foobar2000 profile folder. This file is exclusive to SMP component. Any other files in this folder will belong to other components (e.g. foo_playcount).

Like foo_playcount, data is remembered for up to 4 weeks if there is no matching track in the Media Library or any playlist.


Here’s a basic example that updates the stats using the same rules as Last.FM (i.e. requirement of minimum playback time):

let time_elapsed = 0;
let target_time = 0;

let tf_fp = fb.TitleFormat("%smp_first_played%");
let tf_pc = fb.TitleFormat("$if2(%smp_playcount%,0)");

function get_date() {
    // returns current time formatted like "2018-01-14 09:04:50"
    let d = new Date();
    let t = d.getTime();
    let offset = d.getTimezoneOffset() * 60 * 1000;
    let tmp = new Date(t - offset).toISOString();
    return tmp.substring(0, 10) + ' ' + tmp.substring(11, 19);

function on_playback_new_track() {
    time_elapsed = 0; //reset
    // this example uses the same rule as
    // half the track length or 4 minutes - whichever is lower
    target_time = Math.min(Math.ceil(fb.PlaybackLength / 2), 240);

function on_playback_time() {
    if (time_elapsed == target_time) {
        let date_time = get_date();
        let m = fb.GetNowPlaying();
        let cp = parseInt(tf_pc.Eval()); // get current playcount
        m.SetPlaycount(cp + 1) // increment playcount by 1
        if (tf_fp.Eval() == "") { // only write first played if it's currently empty
        m.SetLastPlayed(date_time) // always write last played
        m.RefreshStats(); // notify foobar2000 core / other components


If you open the Properties dialog for a single item, you’ll see the full information like this on the Details tab.

Screenshot Properties of a single item

If you select multiple items, you’ll see a calculated total playcount.

Screenshot Properties of multiple items

Copyright © 2018-2021 Yuri Shutenko.
Distributed by an MIT license.